~ Think globally. Plan together. Act locally. ~


OpEN is planning a series of projects for European youth development. The first one, yEUth Open Space, will take place in 2 – 11 August 2016, in Bodo, a small village in the nature. It aims to promote European citizenship and involvement in the civic life of the community through non-formal education. For 30 young people from Europe (Romania, Bulgaria, Portugal, Spain, Croatia, Slovakia), this will be a chance to learn from each other and exchange ideas on how to get involved.


The project plans to create an intercultural space, in which the participants will learn about European citizenship, democracy and youth involvement. However, theoretical notions are never enough, so the young participants will create together a plan of activities to be implemented by Timisoara Youth Center.


Interactive debate, open space, photovoice are just some of the participatory methods that will assist the participants in finding the importance of civic education. They will also share the actions they have done back home, and explore new ways to actually get involved in their local communities.


The foundation of the project has already been laid, as a planning meeting with representatives from all the countries involved took place in Timisoara, in February. The participating leaders shared their ideas and made constructive changes, in order to magnify the impact of the project. An interesting proposal was for each organization to try and implement in their country the activity plan designed by the participants. This way, the participants will be engaged even after the project and will be a part of the change in their local communities.