INTERSELIGER is an international project aimed at uniting the world leaders of tomorrow.

1000 exceptional individuals from different spheres and backgrounds will come together to “Dare to make the world you want to Live in”

INTERSELIGER is an international educational camp in the middle of the Russian woods in Tver Region, where thousands of responsible, entrepreneurial and daring young leaders from all over the world get together to meet high-profile speakers642-374 certification , generate synergies and gain new experiences by participating in educational, recreational and social activities in a natural setting of the Seliger lake system.

The camp is probably the only place in the world where one can find both wireless Internet and untouched wilderness of the Seliger natural preserve. It is a perfect place for young people from various nations to understand more personal values,640-864 talents, strengths and purpose of your life, upgrade your leadership skills, transform yourself and make own conclusions about global changes and challenges around the world. It is the right place for those who dare to live real, live now, live best.

INTERSELIGER offers you a place where one makes lifelong friends and builds strong networks among today’s and future gamechangers of the world.

We don’t want to just talk and state youth’s opinion in different issues on that forum. Our goal is to learn together how to play as a large global worldwide team aimed to create world with no wars, world with developing economy, to build education correctly and to find wise and innovational solutions. The current situation around the world proves that those goals cannot be achieved single handedly. So we can only make them true working as a team, when we know and trust each other. There is no time to come up with new ideas anymore. Now it is time to realize them.

INTERSELIGER 2014 takes place in Russia and that is why we will be glad to give international youth an opportunity to see real modern Russia for themselves and form their own opinion about our country through acquaintances and discussions with real people of different ages, social statuses, positions and spheres.

The main goal of the Forum is to create global community and carry on wise dialog in the future, work in teams, act responsibly and consistently to achieve results in high priority directions of development for the world and Russia itself.

In the new educational program each participant can choose one out of seven different tracks:

World Politics and International Relations
Economic growth and stable development
Science and innovation
PR and creative Mass Media
Art & Culture
During INTERSELIGER 2014 will also be held a Conference for student organizations leaders and II International congress of young compatriots.

Beside interesting educational program and important meetings with global and Russian gamechangers, some other interesting activities will await for participants. Such as international festival of cultures „Global Village”, „Russia night” as a way to get acquainted with modern and innovational Russia and its rich cultural legacy, sport event „Selimpic Games”, „Open Mic” as a way to share experience and create interesting discussions in open format, Russian language lessons for foreign participants and demonstration of the best Russian films e.t.c.

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