The project Eu-Africa on the Move for a Smart and Inclusive Growth is a large-scale project promoted by the Italian association Work in Progress. The Project will involve 180 young unemployed from the Partner Country: Portugal, Romania, Italy, Burkina Faso, Benin and Cape Verde in order to contribute to improving the quality of support system for youth activities and the capabilities of civil society organizations in youth field. All Partner organizations have a strong mission to fight against youth unemployment by turning 180 participants from unemployed to youth workers following a strategic path in order to make young people aware of the professional empowerment and to allow them to acquire professional competences in the youth cooperation field by local and international activities in a Euro- Africa dimension.

The project aims to support the mobility of youth unemployed from 2 continents, giving them professional competences and knowledge in order to become active citizens able to turn ideas into action, developing youth entrepreneurship and improve the employability reality. This intercultural exchange will foster capacity building for youth organizations with a view to promoting the acquisition of new skills in order to enrich the youth profile as professionals in non-formal context. The project highlights the importance of NGOs in the society and how it can improve to the quality of civil society development by active participation of youth and intercultural Euro-Africa dialogue. The meeting between different cultures will contribute to the professional and personal development of participants towards a more inclusive growth, stimulating the spirit of initiative, creativity and entrepreneurship with a long term youth cooperation perspective

Here is the call for participants and the application form.
In order to apply the candidate has to send the following documents within April 20th to

In order to apply the candidate should fulfill the following requirements:
1. Age 22-30
2. Basic informatics Knowledge
3. Basic knowledge of Project management and/or Management of NGOs
4. Good knowledge of English language
Preferential Requirements:
1. Other languages knowledge
2. Strong motivation to work in an international context
3. Project Management experience
4. Volunteering experience

The project Eu-Africa on the Move for a Smart and Inclusive Growth is supported by the Sub-action 3.2 – Youth in the World, Cooperation with countries other than the neighbouring countries of the European Union. The costs linked to international training courses are on charge of the Partner Organization. The participants are in charge to co-finance the project with the 30% of the total travel costs.