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New Education Organization is a young association, founded in 2010, its main task being to improve the quality of education and training, by taking and applying principles of non-formal education, modern and innovative. OpEN sees education and training as a public good and open to the needs of all community members as the main engine of sustainable development of society. OpEN strongly believes in innovation, professionalism and accountability.

OpEN contribute through activities and actions spreading European values ​​and support the active participation of young people through activities involving largely non-formal education methods. OpEN is working with young people both within the organization, members and volunteers which all are young. Young people are the target group of activities and approaches of the organization.

OpEN has been and is involved in activities aimed to increase young people skills and to provide varied opportunities in everyday life.

To better represent young, OpEN established ties based on trust and cooperation with local and county region through a structured dialogue that has themes and specific purposes. OpEN understood that without government support it is difficult to influence the legislative and public policy. So the organization is trying to put the needs of young people in local and county agenda,because although unemployment is a systemic problem addressed at European and national level cities and counties there is an integrated approach.