The project ”Contributions F(or)our Community” is a KA1 – co-financed by the European Commission through the Erasmus+ Programme and is organized by OpEN (Organizația pentru Educația Nouă) from Timisoara.

The project is aiming at developing a sense of common responsibility for the future of the local communities as well as the whole European community for 49 young people and youth leaders and for their respective organizations from Romania, Portugal, Slovakia, Serbia, Italy, Kosovo, Macedonia during 6 days youth exchange of intensive activities throughout the project period.

On July 20-21, 2018, the group leaders from the partner countries will meet in Timisoara in order to prepare the youth exchange that will take place here on October 1-6, 2018.

MAIN  TOPICS  of  the  APV:

  • CONTENT of the youth exchange: Objectives, Activities, Participants profile, Dissemination plan, Follow-up;
  • STRATEGY & CRITERIA for selecting the participants;
  • DATES for establishing with the partners the final activities calendar, the methods to be used and adapted to the selected participants; Participants’ interest in the topics addressed by requesting information, pre-training before mobility, their involvement in activities, by offering the opportunity to facilitate workshops, to share experiences, to organize various activities, even informal, etc. This is useful for them to actively engage in mobility and to acquire real skills, attitudes and abilities;
  • COMMUNICATION methods in order to give correct and timely information to both partners and selected participants on the amounts approved for each of them, the modalities of payment, including the time of money transfer;
  • INFORMATION on the group’s leaders roles;
  • PREPARATION of participants before the start of mobility;
  • PROMOTION of the project and selection of the participants, responsible, with concrete information on the activities, as well as the desired results.