Let’s ISWinT the world together!

The famous Romanian writer, Camil Petrescu, said: First you love out of pity, of duty […] Afterwards you grow used to her laugh and her voice, as you get used to a landscape […] You plan your future considering her needs and preferences. This is exactly what it happens with those who live the ISWinT experience. At first you get involved because everybody does it, because you heard fascinating stories about it and you want to live in those stories too. Soon after, some extraordinary people appear and give you the energy you needed so much. You end up dead tired from all the sleepless nights and stress, but you are already thinking about the year you have to wait before experiencing those feelings again… 365 of days you feed on pictures, videos and online chats with your friends who are now thousands of miles away.

ISWinT is the biggest project organised by the Students League of the Faculty of Automation and Computers (Liga AC). The first edition of the festival was held in 1994 thanks to the daring ideas of some enthusiastic students who believed in unity, multiculturalism and friendship. Over the time, this festival created a communication web between students around the world, giving them the possibility to discover new things, exchange opinions, have fun and, of course, to broaden their cultural horizons. ISWinT evolved from a small conference, which involved only the younger generation from the neighbor countries of Romania to an international festival. After the 24th edition of ISWinT, more than 1900 students from 60 nations signed up for the ISWinT experience. The countries which figure on the ISWinT map are from all the corners of the world, gathering together a rich historical culture. Therefore, ISWinT represents the innovation of communication, interaction and a well-defined tradition through its continuity.

International Student Week in Timișoara (ISWinT) is the most long-lasting international festival for the young generation from all around the world. This year the 24th edition took place between the 24th July-4th August. It gathered 91 students from 37 countries in the city which sits along the Bega river.

This year’s theme Travel to learn, express yourself! Add a new page to your story! evolved around informal education and multiculturalism. The idea of traveling and learning from professional trainers simultaneously is the center of the event. The workshops were meant to stimulate creativity and the personal abilities of the participants.

Beside the workshops, the festival’s schedule included a variety of events organised not only for the participants, but also for the locals of Timisoara. Events like ISWinT Talks were meant to develop certain professional skills, meanwhile others attempted to make the public aware of the world’s diversity, ISWinT Parade, ISWinT Day or International Day.

Every year we set as our final goal the self-improvement of the participants in the domain they have chosen. Apart from that we wanted to offer an enriching experience, that would broaden your sight about the world. Each and every participant holds a special place in the heart of ISWinT.

Different opinions, different mentalities, participants from all the corners of the world and organisers who are more than devoted; all these together bring life and joy out on the streets of Timisoara.

ISWinT helps you to find people who are willing to give everything, to sacrifice without hoping to get something in return. ISWinT provides you a family, and if you are trying more to explain what it is, you realize that ISWinT cannot be defined, it has to be lived!

ISWinT is a feeling, a mood, a lifestyle.




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